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The knowledgeable, professional, caring staff at TheraSport has been a real life-saver for me on numerous occasions. Helping me to stay active and productive has always been their goal as well as mine. Dan and staff maintain a very warm and friendly atmosphere which only enhances the recovery. I’m very grateful for the care and would highly recommend them!!!

– Kathryn C.

When I think of TheraSport two words come to mind – compassion and passion. The compassion for their patients starts at the door with Maryann and goes throughout the staff with Laura, Jill and Jenn. The passion for their craft permeates and creates an atmosphere of love and healing. My experience has been nothing but stellar!

– Renee Y.

Thanks to Dan Liss and the staff at TheraSport Physical Therapy, I live pain free and am stronger than ever. TheraSport healed my injured back and trained me to think and exercise “back smart”.

– Lloyd B.

I came to Therasport because I was in near-constant back pain and was unable to walk normally. Jenn and Jill worked with me several times a week, both teaching me daily exercises to heal my body, and challenging me to push myself to build my core strength so I wouldn’t be likely to re-injure. At the end of my therapy, I was finally pain-free, had my regular gait back, and could work out again. I still use the exercises that Jenn and Jill taught me today. I would and have highly recommended their practice!

– Carrie R.